Winning Watermelon Applications

Posted: August 3, 2020

It’s Watermelon Day! This fruit is the epitome of summer and is a sweet, refreshing treat that translates perfectly into the bakery, dairy, and beverage applications. We love it not just for the flavor, but also for the bright pink hue that aligns so well with the Brightly Flavored Colors macrotrend. Learn more about our watermelon applications.

Did you know that we can create fully customizable Agua Frescas? Perfect for your customers that are seeking light, refreshing no or low sugar sipping alternatives, Balchem offers many flavors and top note options for these refreshing beverages. Flavored waters are growing in popularity and are attractive for the health-conscious consumer. Offering a fruity flavor like watermelon can be extremely attractive to these consumers seeking more natural drinks.

Watermelon Applications – Frozen Desserts

Watermelon also translates very well into frozen desserts. Balchem brought forward Watermelon Fizz for one of our 2021 Feature Flavors. It is a bubbly-inspired treat that tastes like a relaxing summer afternoon by the pool. This fresh flavor is Watermelon Champagne flavored sorbet with Raspberry BetrFlakes™  included as well. This flavor adds a fun pop of color to the freezer case!

Watermelon can also translate to the bakery. Our Watermelon Mint Mini-Flake Inclusion is inspired by a summer picnic classic, Watermelon Mint salad. This is a refreshing flavor and is perfectly on-trend for flavor and color. The way the refreshing mint enhances the splash of watermelon ensures this inclusion will be a hit in your summer cookie in-store bakery offering.  

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Watermelon is a favorite summer flavor. We excel in creating watermelon-based concepts that are balanced and flavorful. Want to create a juicy watermelon flavor in your food and beverage applications? Contact us and let’s get started.

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