Tortillas Are Trending

Posted: June 24, 2020

Tortillas are one of the fastest growing bakery segments. Balchem can help you create tortillas with better appearance that improve the entire eating experience. We have engineered our BakeShure® encapsulated acidulants to perform three major functions: Control, Protect and Deliver.

Balchem acidulants help control pH development and allow leavening to work properly, which improves product appearance. Appearance is an important motivator in driving purchase decisions as it represents overall quality from the consumer’s perspective, and drives purchase decisions.

Balchem prioritizes product quality and our encapsulated acidulants are engineered to protect product quality through extended shelf life, preserving functionality and improving leavening performance. Increased shelf life helps reduce food waste while maintaining a high-quality tortilla.

Balchem encapsulates also assist in delivering more opaque, premium-looking tortillas. They also create a higher stack height which adds value to the finished tortilla.

As the tortilla sector continues to grow, we are growing and adapting with it. If you are looking to upgrade your tortillas and flatbreads, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the right ingredients.

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