Top 10 Chocolate Creations

Posted: October 28, 2020

We are waxing nostalgic today, reminiscing back and thinking about some of the favorite chocolate flavors our applications teams have created throughout the years. We’ve mixed up frozen desserts and baked treats, alike in random order. They are all so delicious, it’s impossible to force rank them. Keep reading and let us know your favorite by commenting on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter!

Ruby Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

Ruby Chocolate is a rosy pink chocolate ice cream base. This rosy pink base is then filled with smooth Fudgy Chocolate Hearts and swirls of indulgent Black Cherry variegate. This flavor is not only yummy but also so pretty to look at, making it a prime example of our “Eat Pretty” 2021 Trend. Balchem received a notable mention in Food Ingredients First for the use of Ruby Chocolate. This flavor is sure to be a LTO favorite in 2021!

Double Choco-Caramel Beehive Ice Cream

Who doesn’t miss sitting on the couch in your pajamas with your favorite bowl of cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons? I know we do! That is why we created this nostalgia-filled flavor as one of our Fall 2021 Ice Cream Feature Flavors. It is a White Chocolate Caramel Flavor ice cream base. Then, it is swirled with a Crunchy Chocolate Fudge Cookie Variegate and a Coated Honeycomb Toffee Inclusion. This flavor will give you a taste of your good ol’ Saturday mornings.

Mint Chocolate Brownie Inclusion

It doesn’t get any more nostalgic than this mint chocolate flavor! This Fall 2021 Inclusion Feature Flavor is already a favorite for baked goods. It is a White-Mint Mini-Flake-Inclusion that can be added to any sweet treat. We decided to pair them with a gooey, chocolatey brownie. Familiar flavors, such as Crème de Menthe after-dinner mints, remind consumers of simpler times when going to restaurants with loved ones was accessible for all.

Caramel Cold Brewed Awakening Gelato

This feature flavor is an Irish Cream Latte Gelato base. Then, delectable Dark Chocolate Flakes are mixed throughout the gelato. To add to the indulgence, swirls of Brewed Caramel are twisted throughout the gelato. Our caramel variegates are known for their smoothness and is something that Balchem really excels in! Our Caramel Cold Brewed Awakening Gelato is the wakeup call we all dream of!

This 2013 Feature Flavor is made of a smooth Banana Cream Ice Cream base. Dark Chocolate Flakes are swirled into the base which instantly improves mouthfeel. Then, we add in a deliciously Crunchy Chocolate Cookie Textured Variegate added in. This flavor will have you going absolutely bananas over it!

Candy Cane Crush Gelato

Ho Ho Ho! This flavor is straight from Santa’s workshop and right into your freezer. It is a Chocolate Gelato base with White Chocolate Peppermint swirls. This flavor is a perfect winter LTO or could even be created as a “Christmas in July” special. Candy Cane Crush Gelato should be on everyone’s wish list this year!

S’More Fun Ice Cream

This flavor is inspired by the sweetest part of camping: S’Mores! Our S’Mores Ice Cream is packed with Milk Chocolate Flakes and swirled generously with a Textured Graham Cracker variegate. Adding in the textured variegate enhances mouthfeel and creates a true S’Mores-like experience, no tent or bug spray required!

Let’s turn up the heat with our Mayan Chocolate Cookie! This chocolate cinnamon cookie is filled with Cinnamon-Pepper inclusions. The inclusions perfectly combine sweet cinnamon and hot spice from the pepper. These inclusions will excite your taste buds and warm you up.

Kentucky Trail Gelato

Inspired by booze-themed frozen desserts in 2019, we created Kentucky Trail Gelato. It is made with a Bourbon Cream Gelato base, with sweet Praline Pecans & Dark Chocolate Flakes are swirled throughout. This gelato is a mature treat for the bourbon drinker in your life!

St. Louie Gooie Butter Brownie Gelato

Last, but certainly not least, we have our hometown favorite. Our Ice Cream lab is based in St. Louis, Missouri. We have a variety of St. Louis dishes that we love but Gooey Butter Cake is a staple. Our team created this regional treat as a 2018 Feature Flavor. It is created with a Chocolate and Vanilla Gooey Butter Gelato base. Then, twisted with Chocolate Flakes and Brownie Pieces. To finish it off and make sure it is extra gooey, we added in a Brownie Batter Swirl! This flavor could make even a Chicago Cubs fan say, “Go Cards!”

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