Shake It Up!

Posted: July 27, 2020

Looking for a refreshing summer treat? Milkshakes are a refreshing summer dessert. Shake Syrups from Balchem can tun the shakes you serve into an instant comfort classic. We use real fruit in our fruit-based flavors, in-house chocolate expertise for the chocolate and caramel lovers, and are ready for in-store preparation!

Real fruit can create better visual appeal. It allows for a fresh taste and excites the consumer to know that they are drinking a strawberry shake made with real strawberries. We offer fruit flavors other than strawberry such as banana, blackberry, mango passion fruit and so many more!

Chocolate shakes are a timeless flavor and continue to appeal to consumers. Our chocolate is perfected by our in-house cocoa experts. This ensures a delicious chocolate for your shake combination. We have created some popular chocolate shake syrups such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate mint to name a few.

Our Shake Syrups can be optimized for in-store preparation. This means optimizing the viscosity for your shake syrup. We can create a preferable texture that shake lovers will crave.

So, are you ready to start creating your perfect shake syrup? Contact us to get started!