Pretty Pastries

Posted: December 9, 2020

Pastries are eaten with the eyes before they ever pass the lips. Creating delectable bakery bites of fancy desserts that seem too attractive to eat ties directly to the “Eat Pretty” trend highlighted below.

Blended Inclusions

Balchem bakery customers are very familiar with our capability to create flavorful and attractive inclusions in many combinations. However, not everyone knows about our ability to create blended inclusions. Balchem’s blended inclusions combine at least two colors and can be flavored, as well. Our favorite blended inclusions are three pastels combined to create flights of fancy in sweet desserts without colors bleeding in the batter or melting into each other.

Balchem’s proprietary formulation ensures we hit the exact right melt point for the inclusions to keep their distinct color pattern in baking, so they show perfectly in the finished product. Another advantage for customers is the ability to create colorful sweet treats using just one SKU of inclusions, rather than two or three in your procurement process. Our blended inclusions can also be customized for specific color selections pertinent to your campaign themes and LTO launches.

Eat Pretty Trend

The “Eat Pretty” trend refers to the consumers who strive for the picture-perfect social media post. Consuming a pretty dessert or snack turns eating into an entire experience. It is important, especially during this time, to enjoy the small luxuries in life. So, a beautiful treat can really perk up the entire day!

The Eat Pretty trend is made for kids, adults, and everyone in between. Brightly colored food is not just for kids anymore. With the increased desire for nostalgic, comforting treats, adults are more likely to be excited by nostalgic, pretty options. Creating a pretty, blended inclusion can set your deliciously sweet treat apart from the rest.

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