Poppin’ Ideas for Popcorn Day!

Posted: January 19, 2021

It’s Popcorn Day! We are celebrating with poppin’ ideas for this favorite snack. While the opportunities to get a butter-soaked tub of popcorn at the theater may be limited now, there are still many opportunities for food manufacturers to incorporate popcorn into at-home snacks and desserts for nostalgia-inducing comfort foods.

In 2019 Balchem presented “Say Cheese” as flavor trend for 2020 food developers in our annual ice cream Feature Flavors campaign. Chicago Mix was featured then. If you’ve ever had a layover at O’Hare, Chicago Mix popcorn is a staple snack combo of buttered, caramel and cheddar cheese popcorns mixed. Our ice cream interpretation is a naturally flavored popcorn ice cream base twisted with two of our incredible textured variegates to create a sweet and savory experience, certain to be a crowd pleaser.

This flavor also plays on the Eat Pretty trend with a bright yellow base and Textured Tastes with the two variegates! The brightly colored Cheese Popcorn and Sea Salt Caramel variegates add visual, flavor and textural indulgence to this traditional flavor favorite from the Midwest. We believe food actual tastes better when it looks good too. Leverage the full flavor system or work with us to build your own ice cream profile with flavor bases, variegates and low melt inclusions.

Balchem manufactures ice cream bases and flavor systems for ice cream, cultured and beverages for dairy and plant-based manufacturing alike. Leverage our experience and capabilities to get your products to market faster in the dairy and freezer case. Please contact us for more information on these applications. We look forward to hearing from you!

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