Plant-Milk Popularity

Posted: August 22, 2020

As alternative diets continue to grow in popularity, consumers are seeking more plant-based food products to incorporate into their daily diets. Plant-based product claims have grown by over 60% in the past five years, as US consumers have increased their plant-based milk or plant-milk, and yogurt consumption.

Balchem’s application experience applies directly to new plant-based applications. Every dairy flavor we create can also be formulated for plant-based applications. With the growth of plant-based beverages, there is no reason why flavor should be sacrificed. We create flavor systems that enhance plant-based foods and beverages to create delicious products.

Our Expertise Enables More Delicious Plant-Based Beverages

Our advanced application expertise enables the creation of a more delicious plant-based beverage with a better mouthfeel that improves the consumer experience. Our expertise in flavoring dairy products applies to plant-based beverages, non-dairy creamers, plant-based yogurts, and even frozen desserts. Consumer desire for plant-based alternatives is not going anywhere. When catering to consumer needs, specifically when it comes to plant-based, it is important to us that taste and mouthfeel are not sacrificed. We know how to work with and create non-dairy applications with nuances that create just the right sensory experience.

Balchem also offers plant-based powdered nutritional lipid and creamer systems through our spray drying and agglomeration capabilities, as well. We have options for powdered plant-based beverage systems that are shelf-stable and ready to go to work in your applications.

Contact us to start creating your delicious plant-based creamers, beverages, frozen desserts, plant-milk, or yogurts.

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