Phenomenal Pumpkin Applications

Posted: October 26, 2020

Fall is not fall without pumpkin treats. Pumpkin is a fall flavor essential. The continued success of pumpkin spice seasonal flavors has led to the creation of various pumpkin spice desserts. This blog will outline a few of the ways we have mastered the pumpkin spice trend and ways that we have innovated within the trend.

NEW Chai Pumpkin Inclusion

First up, we will be spotlighting our brand-newChai Pumpkin Inclusion. The chai spice is full of adventurous, global inspiration but when combined with pumpkin, a fall classic, it becomes a naturally delicious pairing. Creating nuanced flavors is something we specialize in and this Chai Pumpkin Inclusion is no different!

Pumpkin Spice Eggnog

Pumpkin Spiceis a consistently popular fall flavor and when mixed with the holiday delicacy, eggnog, it is unbeatable. Pumpkin Spice Eggnog provides a warm flavor that is full of comfort. For more on how Balchem excels in the eggnog industry, check out this Eggnog Base blog.

NEW Kabocha Spice Pie Ice Cream

This brand-new 2021 Ice Cream Feature Flavor, Kabocha Spice Pie, is an international take on the basic pumpkin spice flavor. It inspires adventure by using Kabocha, a Japanese squash like pumpkin. The ice cream base is created with real butternut squash puree and natural Kabocha Squash-type flavoring. It is then filled with a textured Pie Crust Variegate and Moroccan Spiced Pecans.

Great White Chocolate Pumpkin Ice Cream

Our 2017 Ice Cream Feature Flavor, Great White Chocolate Pumpkin, uses a white chocolate ice cream as a base. Then, there are delectable dark chocolate  Choco-Flakes™ sprinkled throughout the base to enhance mouthfeel. To add in some pumpkin flavor, there is gooey pumpkin spice variegate swirled throughout the entire ice cream. This flavor pairs two varieties of chocolate to balance out the spiced pumpkin flavor, making it your next favorite flavor.

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