Our 2021 Fall Ice Cream Feature Flavors Have Arrived!

Posted: October 20, 2020

Double Choco-Caramel Beehive

This flavor is sure to create a buzz! Double Choco-Caramel Beehive is inspired by the nostalgic flavor of your favorite, sweet bowl of cereal in front of Saturday morning cartoons. The base for this flavor is our White Chocolate Caramel Flavor ice cream. Then, it is swirled with a Crunchy Chocolate Fudge Cookie Variegate and a Coated Honeycomb Toffee Inclusion.

The trends this flavor falls under are Next to Nature, Nostalgic Indulgences, and Textured Tastes.

Open Sesame

This Honey Tahini ice cream with Chewy Fudge Chocolate Halva-inspired Variegate is like a luxurious trip to Mediterranean. It is full of upgraded flavors such as the Honey Tahini base that includes buttery notes of roasted sesame seeds. This flavor is based on the customer-favorite peanut butter and honey combination. So, we added a Mediterranean influence to spice it up!

Trends:  Adventurous Eating, Better For You, and Next to Nature

Kabocha Spice Pie

This flavor is like a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but so much better. It is made from a real butternut squash puree and natural Kabocha Squash-type flavoring to create the Kabocha Spice Pie ice cream base. Kabocha, often called a Japanese pumpkin, has a pumpkin and sweet potato-like flavor. Then, a textured variegate is swirled in that includes Pie Crust Variegate and Moroccan Spiced Pecans.

Trends:  LTO,  Adventurous Eating, Better For You, and Next to Nature

True North

We headed True North to find the inspiration for this buttery, maple, brown sugar ice cream. There, we discovered their deliciously sweet regional favorite dessert, a Canadian Butter Tart. Inspired by our new favorite tart, we created a Buttery Brown Sugar ice creambase. Then, we swirled in a Maple Brown Sugar Variegate. In true Canadian Butter Tart fashion, we added a Pie Tart inclusion to complete the delicacy. You want to try this one, eh?

Trends:  Adventurous Eating, Next to Nature, and Nostalgic Indulgence

What’s Next?

Check back for our Winter 2021 Ice Cream Feature Flavors!

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