NEW Flavor Trends in 2021

Posted: October 19, 2020

Through extensive research, the Balchem Human Nutrition and Health Team has outlined the 2021 Ice Cream Trends. To ensure we stay up-to-date with current trends, we now release Feature Flavors and updated trend projections multiple times per year. More frequent launches are designed to give you faster reaction times for your product development to meet demand as consumer preferences shift.

Nostalgic Indulgences

Reflecting on earlier, happier, more carefree times in our lives has become even more frequent lately. The COVID pandemic has led to consumers idealizing times before and turning back to comforting flavors. That is why we have named “Nostalgic Indulgences” as one of our trends. These flavors are nostalgia-filled classics that we reimagine into newer, even better, flavors.

Adventurous Eating

Due to the lack of recent travel, many consumers are itching for excitement. Travel allows for trying new flavors, textures, cooking methods and more. So, global flavors are becoming even more popular. The “Adventurous Eating” trend encourages consumers to explore the world through their taste buds!

Eat Pretty

“Hold on, let me take a picture of this,” is quipped more and more often as diners sit down to beautifully presented meals and desserts. With the continued growth of social media, photos of food are bringing the need for visual excitement to the forefront. With the right combination of bright colors and fantasy, your treat can become a social media sensation! “Eat Pretty” calls on us to create naturally bright colors that will taste great and appeal to kids and adults alike.

Textured Tastes

Here at Balchem, we are texture experts. We put the Textured Tastes trend forward first in 2018, and it’s getting recognized by others now. We know how to create crunchy, chewy individual bites. These bites not only taste heavenly but create the ideal mouthfeel and experience. Creating a WOW experience for the consumer means that the texture must be spot on.

Next to Nature

Getting in touch with the great outdoors has never been tastier! Plant-based non-dairy alternatives are seen as healthier. They have also proven to be legitimate frozen dessert options. These flavors are often created along with fruity, herbal, and floral notes. “Next to Nature” is inspired by healthy living and natural flavors.

What’s Next?

Check back in for our 2021 Feature Flavors announcement on October 20, 2020.

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