When Life Gets Hard, Indulge in a Soft and Chewy Nougat – It’s National Nougat Day!

fudge nougat nuts pieces
Posted: March 27, 2021

Today we celebrate National Nougat Day! This aerated confection is known for it’s mix-ins, as well as it’s texture. first known appearance of this delectable treat was in Alicante, Spain in the 15th century. The history of the nougat is almost as rich as it is a dessert! Originally, nougat was put into candy bars to mimic ice cream’s flavor and texture. Early candy bars were also served cold to reiterate this faux ice cream!

The nougat in the United States and United Kingdom is frequently seen starring besides confectionery treats like candy bars as a filling. It typically consists of sucrose and corn syrup; then, it is aerated with a whipping agent such as eggs whites. Occasionally, vegetable fats or milk powder are included as well. If you have a sweet tooth, it is the ideal snack for you! Nougats are found in three varieties:

White Nougat – comprised of egg whites, sugar, nuts, and honey

Brown Nougat – similar to white nougat but with caramelized sugar

Viennese or German Nougat – made of sugar, chocolate and almonds

Want to celebrate? Here are some ideas:

  • Share some nougats with friends and family
  • Try making nougats at home! There are plenty of online videos to show you how
  • Keeping with Balchem’s core values, donate some nougats to a food pantry!

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