We All Scream for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Posted: June 7, 2021

Enjoy the summer heat in a sweet and cool way, because today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! This rich and creamy dessert is a classic treat for chocolate lovers.

Chocolate ice cream was one of the first flavors of ice cream created, with the earliest known recipe dating back to 1693 in Naples, Italy. The delicious dessert then became popular in the United States in the late nineteenth century.

For the best tasting ice cream, Balchem’s Flavor Systems are exactly what you need. We can create simple or complex chocolate flavor systems so that your ice cream and frozen desserts always deliver the sweet cocoa notes consumers desire. Our ability to deliver milk, dark, and white chocolate flavors can also be enhanced with Choco-Flakes to enhance flavor release and mouthfeel for a sweet-tooth satisfying chocolate experience.

Balchem can help you enhance your basic chocolate ice cream with textured variegates, as well. What’s better than chocolate ice cream? Hint. It’s more chocolate! Our Sea Salt Cookie Fudge Variegate adds chewy and crunchy mouthfeel in ripples of cookie-enhanced fudge rivers throughout your ice cream.

Whether you prefer chocolate ice cream that is more sweet, rich, or flavorful, Balchem has you covered. Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our past blogs on Feature Flavors featuring Ruby Chocolate and nuanced chocolates like White Chocolate Caramel.

Contact us today to start formulating your perfect frozen treat. 

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