Mustard, Mango, Or Mint!

Posted: August 1, 2020

The sky is the limit with the flavor concepts we can create! Today is Mustard Day and this bold flavor is not something we’ve put into ice cream…yet! We love experimenting with flavors and have pushed the envelope when it comes to innovative, unique flavor offerings.

Whether you are wanting to create a Honey Mustard Ice Cream, a Dill Pickle flavor, or a BBQ sauce variegate, we have you covered. Innovative flavors are something we excel in. Collaboration on these flavors leads to an increase in creativity and makes for a delicious, unique flavor!

Unique Savory Flavors

Everyone knows us for all caramels, but we love creating unique savory creations as well. A fruit flavor we created for a 2012 Feature Flavor named Raspberry Peach Mango. The fruit show in this flavor is incredible and the colors make it a standout. It is mascarpone yogurt ice cream with bits of mango and swirls of raspberry peach variegate.

Creating a minty flavor can be a challenge due to the delicate balance of mint within ice cream so you don’t venture over to the toothpaste side of mint. Our 2018 Feature Flavor Cookie Fudge ContentMINT is a mint ice cream with red mint flakes and swirls of minty fudge. This fudgy mint flavor is a great balance of mint and chocolate

So, whether you want to create a talked-about, wild flavor, or a classic freezer resident flavor, we would love to collaborate with you! Contact us to start creating your next outrageously delicious bold flavor.

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