Milk Chocolate Dairy Powders

Posted: August 7, 2020

Balchem offers Milk Chocolate Dairy Powders for every chocolate milk application. We source high-quality cocoa for our powders from various origins. A stand-out cocoa sourcing location has been Belgium. We have sourced Belgian cocoa that provides a unique and exciting flavor profile. We are also skilled at developing new concepts in dairy and plant-based beverages that are ready for the dairy case. We continue to demonstrate new and exciting chocolate flavors for beverage bases.

We can match regional taste preferences, innovate new top notes, bring in different types of coffee too for delicious drinkable mochas. This allows for maximum consumer satisfaction and flavor success.

Health is a priority for many consumers during this time. We can help you address their concerns with our low-calorie formulations. These are available at 110-180 calories per 8 oz. serving. Chocolate that is health-conscious? Sign me up!

For more information on our milk chocolate dairy powders or to start formulating your own, contact us.

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