Indulge Your Memories of Yesteryear

Posted: August 6, 2020

Balchem created Float Your Cherry Boat for our 2019 Feature Flavors campaign. This nostalgic ice cream built on a Root Beer Float Concept is a great way to celebrate National Root Beer Float Day! It is a Root Beer and Sweet Cream ice cream base with a fruity Black Cherry Swirl that creates a fun pop of color. The “black cherry” flavor call out can also attract the consumer’s eye due to the nuanced flavor. The Black Cherry flavor swirl is an example of our  “Nuanced Indulgences” trend. This trend aims to make everything we eat just a little bit better. So, rather than just being a cherry swirl, we introduce the black cherry swirl flavor profile. This deepens the flavor and creates more consumer excitement. If black cherry is not the right flavor for your Root Beer Float ice cream, it can be easily customized to your flavor preferences.

Nostalgic Flavor

This nostalgic flavor fits well with the current trends. Consumers are leaning towards flavors that they know and love. This makes a root beer float more than just an ice cream treat. Instead, it is a reminder of the “good old days” and full of nostalgic summer memories. Root Beer Floats are a childhood staple. So, this flavor can appeal to a wide range of consumers.

We’d love to create your perfect float-flavored ice cream like we did for the 2019 feature flavors campaign. Contact us to get started!

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