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Posted: October 22, 2020

Adding nuts into a frozen dessert adds texture and flavor, as well as improving mouthfeel. It also provides a nice contrast to sweet flavors. This blog will feature pecan and almond flavors that we have created in the past.

If you are interested in specifically our peanut applications, check out our blog post from Peanut Day next!


Barrel Aged Caramel is a brown sugar bourbon based iced cream, which was created as a 2018 Feature Flavor. It includes delicious praline pecans. This flavor also features barrel aged caramel swirls and is a Nuanced Indulgence trend. Balchem aims to make flavors just a little bit better. This allows for labels that will make your flavor stand out from the rest. Barrel Aged Caramel is a sweet ice cream that perfectly complements the praline pecan pieces within. For more on another flavor featuring praline pecans, check out this blog post.

Hot Cha Cha-Colate is a 2016 Feature Flavor. This flavor is a spicy take on hot chocolate. Hot Cha Cha-Colate may be a frozen dessert but it is hotter than ever! The base is a spicy red pepper cinnamon chocolate ice cream. It includes red pepper praline pecans and spicy hot fudge swirls. The extra spice in this flavor really makes it a standout. This zesty hot cocoa packs a punch of zest that we think is a knockout!

Our Caramel Pecan Butter Cake is a gooey butter cake ice cream base. It includes shortcake pieces along with bits of coated pecans. To add to the gooeyness, there are swirls of salty pecan dulce variegate . This 2012 Feature Flavor is an example of how we can achieve a delicate balance of sweet and salty flavors.


Our Almond Avalanche Feature Flavor from 2012 is a chocolate lover’s dream! It is jam packed with rich chocolate almond ice cream, dark chocolate flakes and roasted almonds. Then, to add even more chocolatey goodness, we include a chocolate almond fudge swirl. This flavor is a perfect balance of chocolate and almonds that you are sure to savor.

In 2013, we created the Baklava Feature Flavor. This is a Globally Inspired flavor, originating from as far back as 2nd Century B.C. during the Roman times. Baklava is a delectable dessert is covered in honey and filled with nutty goodness. Our take on Baklava in the form of an ice cream flavor uses a honey vanilla bean base. It includes almond streusel pieces and crispy baklava flakes. Then, there is a honey walnut cinnamon variegate included. Baklava may be traditional, but this ice cream contains innovative textured variegates that will catch your consumer’s attention.

Nutty & Nice, from our 2015 Feature Flavor release, is a mix of nutty goodness and sweet fudge. It is a coconut ice cream base that includes a textured sea salt cookie fudge variegate. This textured variegate really amplifies the sweet and salty taste of the chocolate covered almonds within the flavor. The chocolate covered almond bits are swirled throughout the coconut base, creating a delightful eating experience. The coconut and almond flavor within this dessert is perfectly nutty! Then, carefully balanced out with the nicely swirled fudge variegate. If you are a sweet & salty lover, this flavor is made for you!

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