Bake it Up a Notch on National Homemade Cookie Day

homemade cookie
Posted: October 1, 2021

Whether made from scratch, a mix, or a simple breakaway dough any cookie you make yourself can be considered homemade. October 1st is National Homemade Cookie Day, the day where we celebrate homemade cookies in all their shapes and forms.

Did you know that the chocolate chip cookie is believed to have been created by accident?  In 1937 Ruth Graves was making her classic Butter Do Drop cookies and was out of her normal baker’s chocolate, instead substituting a Nestlé bar. The bar did not melt like baker’s chocolate, thus leading to the birth of the iconic chocolate chip cookie.

Now cookies come in all makes and flavors. They can range from being topped with cereal, being filled with peanut butter, or even flavored with herbs. Z-Crisps® from Balchem can even be added for a pop up of crispy protein in cookies and bars. The “Small yet Mighty” bites can be neutral or flavored. Depending on your end application, they can even be plant-based protein too.

Balchem’s Inclusion technology can be used to help all your wildest cookie dreams come true. These inclusions can provide a variety of benefits to your baked creations. Whether you want to add something gooey, like a jam, to your cookie or add a pop of color, Balchem has you covered. GlimmerTM Inclusions can pop up any cookie to a glittering, shimmery delight.

Our inclusions are simple to use and easy to integrate into your industrial baking process, simply drop them straight into the batter.

To learn more about Balchem’s many solutions for bakers, contact us.

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