Homemade Bread Day

Chefs Baking
Posted: November 17, 2021

Today is a day to enjoy some fresh baked bread, because November 17th is National Homemade Bread day! Did you know there are over 200 kinds of bread? Choose your favorite ready-to-bake bread and enjoy this baking holiday.

Balchem’s BakeShure® line of encapsulated leavening agents are made to deliver results at the best time during baking. The encapsulated actives are able to release for perfect leavening when baking fresh bread. The pH optimization, flavor delivery, leavening control, moisture control, and antimicrobial preservation in our BakeShure line will boost the quality and consistency for consumers looking for the best Freezer-to-Oven (FTO) or Refrigerator-to-Oven (RTO) products that rise to the occasion.

To create the highest quality ready-to-bake bread, contact Balchem Human Nutrition and Health to learn more about our BakeShure encapsulates today!

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