Garlic Baking Challenges

garlic on cutting board
Posted: September 14, 2022

INhance™ Inclusions offer solutions for Garlic Baking Challenges!

Over the years, our Product Development and Application scientists created a variety of culinary-inspired inclusions and searched for innovative ways to tackle everyday consumer challenges. Our INhance™ Inclusions offer solutions to a well-known “garlic challenge” within the baked goods industry

Baking with garlic seems to be a recurring hurdle! We began trying to find new ways to capture that rich garlicky flavor, aroma, and appearance in baked goods. More importantly, how to do so without damaging the development of gluten.

Our Garlic Baking Challenge experience…

Chef Stephanie Charns, Balchem Southeast Account Manager, speaks to her passion for garlic and the real-life experience that supports the need on INhance™ Inclusions!

“I always loved food and most certainly anything with a hint of garlic! Prior to joining the Balchem HNH Sales team in June of 2022, I worked as a Pastry Chef for over 10 years! From my experience in the Baking Industry, I found that adding garlic, even garlic powder, into bread dough will stifle the development of gluten which was a genuine problem with pastries and baking in general.

I was limited because the only option to capture that rich, savory garlic flavor in my creations was to brush the bread crust with garlic-infused olive oil or spread garlic cloves onto a slice of baked bread. This challenge presented an opportunity, and I knew we needed to explore new ways to tackle the overarching problem:

How can we prevent Gluten Destruction with Garlic?

We needed to explore different ways on how delicious, garlicky-notes could be imparted into bread! I was pleased to learn that INhance™ Inclusions was a practical solution!”

Chef Stephanie Charns, Balchem Southeast Account Manager

Why Garlic?

Garlic is one of those amazing ingredients with versatile applications.  Botanically, this vegetable adds more than just a bit of swagger to worldly dishes. 

These flavorful bulbs comprise of multiple smaller cloves that can be used raw, roasted, baked, braised, sautéed, or simmered. Just as there are numerous apple and tomato varieties, there are different varieties of garlic, and each variety adds a bit of uniqueness.

Garlic Varieties

Hardneck varieties have a more robust flavor with sweet undertones, like:

  • Amish Recambole
  • Purple Stripe
  • Porcelain
  • Chesnok Red

Softneck varieties have a more mellow flavor with rich, buttery notes, like:

  • Early Italian
  • Silver Rose
  • Inchelium Red

So, we ask…

What is your business’ next garlic-infused creation?

Perhaps garlic pretzel knots, fontina and garlic biscuits, a rosemary-garlic rustic boule or garlic-parmesan ciabatta rolls?  The possibilities are endless when you use INhance™ Inclusions to “drop-in” a bit of food science and food art!

Our solutions can help…

Balchem can help your business tackle these everyday consumer challenges! We are proud to say that our Product Development and Application scientists have nailed one of baking’s greatest challenges…. GARLIC!

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