Fruit Show 101

Posted: August 25, 2020

Welcome to fruit show 101. Our Senior Food Scientist, Caitlin Glaser, defines fruit show as, “the visual and textural representation of fruit in a food application.” Fruit show can be in the form of seeds, purees, shreds of fruit, diced fruit, or whole fruit, Glaser explains.  Fruit show can be as small as including strawberry seeds in a strawberry swirl to having large chunks of strawberry within the flavor base. At Balchem, we use a variety of fruit in our variegates, ice cream bases, and fruit preps to create a dynamic and visually appealing product. This allows for a high level of customization.

Customers enjoy having the texture of real fruit in their products. It creates a stronger appeal when they can recognize the ingredients within their delicious treat. Fruit show allows the customer to experience the true texture of their favorite fruit when enjoying your product. This ability dramatically enhances the eating experience. In addition to customers appreciating the true texture, it also creates a more natural feeling for the customer.

Add Texture And Improve Mouthfeel

Fruit show adds texture and improves mouthfeel. It is valued in various applications. In frozen desserts specifically, fruit shows can be used within the flavor base or within a variegate. Then, in cultured applications, fruit show can be added to an exciting fruit-on-the-bottom application fruit prep or to a flavor base fruit prep.

We have decades of experience in formulating various fruit shows. Balchem specializes in small batch sizes. This means we cater specifically to our customers’ needs, regardless of batch size. Also, we have experience creating unique flavor profiles. We use textures from purees, diced, and whole fruits to create the fruit show that works best for the customers’ processing and final application. Our customers can request a fruit show depending on their application and processing method, and we can create a product that will give them the texture they need.

Are you ready to start creating your ideal fruit show formulation? Contact us to get started.

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