Formulating with Bacon

Posted: December 30, 2020

Bacon’s savory flavor can create an exciting contrast with an otherwise sweet treat. Using bacon within an inclusion or ice cream can make your creation a stand-out! It seems like people love bacon so much that they will put it on top of just about anything, even donuts.

Experts in the Unexpected

Balchem specializes in formulating unique flavors. With our high-level of expertise, we can replicate any taste. So, if you are looking to formulate a honey-smoked bacon vinaigrette inclusion, we are the right team for you! For more on this, check out our blog from Mustard Day.

True North + Bacon

We can customize any of our Feature Flavors to your desired flavor or create a totally new flavor for you. One of our recent Fall 2021 Feature Flavor Ice Creams was True North. It is a Canadian Butter Tart inspired ice cream with maple, brown sugar, and pie flavors. Adding a savory note, such as bacon, would transform this flavor. People already like bacon on donuts, sandwiches, pizza, cakes, so why not put it in ice cream?

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Innovating new flavors and taking risks is something we value. Do you? Contact us to start creating.

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