Incorporating Cultured Solutions From Ingredient Solutions Can Increase Your Speed To Market

Posted: December 2, 2019

Saint Louis, Missouri. October 29, 2019. Balchem Ingredient Solutions, formerly known as SensoryEffects, announced the expansion of its solutions for Cultured Applications to the dairy manufacturing industry today. This expansion is designed to help position for more growth with the dairy food industry as consumers continue to buy more yogurt and other cultured products. We help increase your speed to market.

“We have been increasing our technical expertise in-house and completing more trials and training on cultured products to help increase our customers’ speed to market,” noted Sara Schwager, flavor systems director. “Our ice cream and frozen dessert customers already know how to leverage our experience to bring the best to market. It’s exciting to expand these capabilities to the cultured sector, as well.”

Products That We Help With

The products that Balchem Ingredient Solutions can help with specifically are Dairy and Non-Dairy Yogurts, Quark/ Fromage Frais, Lassi, Dahi, Buttermilk, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese, and Dessert Toppings. We can help you incorporate more options to traditional and new cultured applications like yogurt and cottage cheese. We offer a wide range of systems that apply to spoonable and drinkable cultured products, as well as dairy or plant-based options. These systems are perfect for predictable production that delivers peace of mind and delights the consumer.

Whether dairy manufacturers are looking for a pre-formulated system or a custom solution, our team of health and nutrition experts including dedicated research & development staff can help. We can increase your speed to market. Visit Dairy | Human Nutrition and Health ( or email Contact Us | Human Nutrition and Health ( to learn more.

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