Encapsulated Acids In Tortillas

Posted: August 12, 2020

Balchem was recently featured in a  “Snack and Bakery” article about developing better for you tortillas using encapsulated acids. Marketing director, Tracy Snider, spoke to “Snack and Bakery” about the importance of creating clean-labels with flavors that excite the customer. Snider explains that “the growth of new flavors” can create this excitement. These new flavors are spicy, mellow, rounded, cheesy, and more. Snider notes that the “bold and vibrant” colors of Mexican cuisine are a natural fit when creating tortillas. This flavor profile can expand past just spicy and become more specific. Snider references flavors such as sweet-mango salsa, pico de gallo, and lime! These sound delicious and like the perfect addition to a Mexican-inspired dish. Snider continues to monitor and track trends in order for Balchem to remain on-trend and innovative.

Advantages Of Using Encapsulated Acids

When it came time to talk directly about Balchem’s tortilla applications, Snider explained the advantages of using our encapsulated acids. Snider stated, “Our encapsulated acids prevent mold growth on the tortilla’s surface, extending shelf life.” Snider went on to explain the benefits of our patented technology. We enable a better yield. This allows us to create consistent, visually appealing tortillas. This is not always possible when using conventional acids which sets Balchem apart.

Overall, Snider addresses the benefits of our encapsulated acids and the future of the tortilla industry. Snider recognizes the importance of color and texture when it comes to creating the perfect tortilla. This means including exciting flavors, placing an emphasis on superior texture, and being open to possibly using inclusions within a tortilla. Featuring inclusions within tortillas is an example of the innovation that Balchem continues to value.

To learn more about our encapsulated acids or to begin creating your tortillas, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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