Cupcake Capabilities

Posted: October 18, 2020

Cupcakes have risen in popularity within the past 10 years and do not seem to be going anywhere. Popular television shows have been created based around creating over-the-top, beautiful cupcakes. They are fondly referred to as an “affordable indulgence” for consumers especially during challenging times. Cupcakes are also reminiscent of childhood and with nostalgic treats being a current trend, they will only continue to rise.

Whip Topping

Our whip topping bases can be prepared into toppings that could be used on top of cupcakes, along with a variety of other applications. Whipped toppings can be customized just as our inclusions can be. We offer many plant-based capabilities and flavor options as well. Creating your perfect whipped topping has never been easier!

Inclusion Opportunities

Inclusions can add an extra layer of deliciousness to any baked good. Using them in cupcakes can make an already amazing cupcake, even better. We can customize inclusions to fit almost any need. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to creating our custom inclusions. We have experience working with complex flavor profiles such as  Cheese & Fig, Strawberry Rosé, and Raspberry Balsamic.

In addition to flavor customization, the inclusion texture can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. We can create gooey, crunchy, chewy, smooth, and so many more. Mouthfeel can make or break the success of a product. That is why we have experts who can formulate the right amount and type of texture for your custom treat!

We are experts in tailoring inclusions and collaborating to create your ideal inclusion. For example, a yummy flavor combination option could be creating Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes. Adding gooey raspberry inclusions into a delectable chocolate cupcake would really kick the flavor up a notch. Finish with some whipped topping and your cupcake is all set! For more exciting inclusion flavors, check out our brand-new Fall 2021 Inclusion Feature Flavors.

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