Cup or Cone?

Ice Cream Day
Posted: July 19, 2021

That should be the only pressing question on your mind today. July 18th is national ice cream day. Here’s the scoop on how ice cream originated.
Thousands of years ago the Tang Dynasty began freezing dairy with salt to preserve it. Many years later Italian born Antonio Latini created a milk-based sorbet and since then, ice cream recipes have continued to evolve.

Jump to present day and Balchem® has formulated variegates and inclusions for frozen desserts enhancing the flavor, texture and sensory experiences of all your favorite frozen confections.

Betrflakes and Flavor Bases are two examples of Balchem’s products that utilize their flavor systems. Betrflakes flakes have a low melt-point which helps ensure they deliver flavor and texture as they reach temperature. Our variegates create flavor and texture dimensions through swirls and ripples in frozen desserts and ice cream. Balchem’s Flavor Bases are available for both dairy and plant-based milk flavor bases with a selection of sweeteners and flavors limited only by your imagination.

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