Creating Your Freezer To Oven Pizza

Posted: September 5, 2020

Cheese pizza cannot be cheesy and delicious without a solid foundation of crispy crust. This is where we come in. Our BakeShure® line helps to preserve pizza dough. It can be used in Freezer to Oven (FTO) applications or freezer to oven pizza. BakeShure® applications can be completely customizable based on customer’s specific needs.

Our BakeShure® 681 is a chemical leavener. It is a blend of BakeShure 646, BakeShure 201 and our encapsulated Sodium Aluminum Phosphate. Technical applications manager, Nadeen Myers, explained that since yeast cells are susceptible to damage during the freeze-thaw process of FTO products, a chemical leavening system is added. This leavening system ensures that the dough rises in the way that the consumer expects during the baking process. BakeShure® 881 ensures that the pre-reaction is minimal prior to being placed in the oven.

Balchem encapsulated acids, such as BakeShure 330® can also be used to offer the proper reduction in pH, and not impact the performance of the yeast during the baking process. These applications can create your ideal frozen pizza crust. Creating formulations for delicious crusts that taste like a freshly made pie from the local pizzeria is Balchem’s not-so-secret talent.

Inclusions Can Spice Up Freezer To Oven Pizza Doughs

Inclusions can spice up any creation and pizza doughs are no exception! Balchem offers a variety of inclusion flavors that can be used in FTO doughs. Balchem has created many savory inclusions that can be considered for enhancing your customer’s pizza experience. A few of these inclusions have been tomato oregano, jalapeno, and chimichurri. The opportunity for innovation within the pizza inclusion space is endless.

It’s time to upgrade your freezer to over pizza slice! Contact us for more on our BakeShure® line or to switch up your crust with an exciting inclusion.

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