Creating Your Best Bread

Posted: November 3, 2020

The right bread can take a sandwich from tasting just okay to amazing. Our BakeShure® line can help accomplish that!

BakeShure® Overview

Eating experience is an important factor for a consumer when choosing bread or baked goods. Specifically, our BakeShure® 250 allows for higher volume white bread loaves. This is an example of how our BakeShure® line ensures an improved eating experience. BakeShure® is also responsible for flavor delivery optimization. So, not only will your baked goods taste delicious, they also stay delicious for an extended amount of time! One of the great benefits of using BakeShure® is that yeast isn’t inhibited, so the dough raises fully in proofing. And, it still delivers 21+ days of suppressed mold activity to help reduce food waste and prevent early spoilage. BakeShure® is a must-have for bakeries looking to upgrade their sandwich and white sliced breads.

Clean Label Baking

Eating clean continues to trend. BakeShure® CLS 270® is our clean label BakeShure® application. There are less than 5 ingredients in BakeShure® CLS 270, making this a great way to fulfill a clean label goal. Many consumers choose baked goods that are created without chemical preservatives. They value nutritious options that do not sacrifice taste or quality. Our ingredient statement for BakeShure® CLS270 includes Cultured corn syrup solids, Citric Acid, Palm Oil, and Soybean Oil. That’s all! These ingredients are recognized by consumers which increases their trust in the product. If you are looking to formulate baked goods for the label-conscious consumer, look no further!

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Your bread should be a little slice of heaven for the consumer, whether it is covered in jam or used to create a BLT. Contact us for more information on how to upgrade your baked goods.

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