Creating Freshly Brewed Apple Cider

Posted: November 18, 2020

Apple Cider History

Apple cider has been around since at least 55 B.C., when the first Romans sailed to the British Isles and discovered the locals were drinking a cider-like drink made from apples. The Romans quickly became apple cider fans and its popularity soon spread throughout the Roman Empire and Europe. It continued to grow in popularity and is still a beloved seasonal drink today.

Apple Cider

The warmth of apple cider makes it a classic during cooler months. The apple and cinnamon flavors perfectly complement each other. This classic flavor can be adjusted to fit current trends as well. We can add top notes to apple cider flavors. This allows for exciting LTOs and maximum customization options. Creating apple cider flavors that taste freshly brewed is something that Balchem specializes in.

Single Serve Apple Cider Brewing Pods

We formulate custom single serve brewing pods in a rainbow of flavors. Apple Cider is one of them! The process of agglomeration improves powders by increasing particle sizes which results in a powder product that is much more soluble. Using our agglomeration technology improves the quality of beverage bases, protein, fats, or other powders. Since apple cider is a seasonal drink, offering a single serve apple cider limited time offering (LTO) in your lineup is a must!

Apple Juice

If apple cider isn’t quite your speed, check out our apple juice applications! We create juice bases out of our Bridgeton, Missouri facility.

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