Cranberry Creations

Posted: November 23, 2020

Cranberry Feature Flavor

To start, let’s look back on a made-for-fall cranberry flavor! Our Cran-Apple Cobbler Feature Flavor is a Buttermilk Cake ice cream base. It includes sweet bits of melt-in-your-mouth Apple Strudel. Then, the ice cream is swirled with an Apple Cranberry Spice variegate.

Cranberry is a seasonal delight that can excite consumers from the beginning of the fall season all the way through the holidays, into the new year. This ode-to-cranberry will have ice cream lovers celebrating the holidays even more than usual!

Cranberry Juice

If cranberry ice cream is not your thing, have no fear! Our juice bases provide high-quality flavor for our customers. We offer a wide range of juice flavors and top notes. These flavors are easily customizable and can be adjusted to match your specific formulation idea. Whether you would like to customize the sweetener level or add in a specific vitamin, we can make sure your juice is one that customers reach towards.

Balchem offers fruit and veggie blends. This makes getting your daily fruits and veggies tastier and easier. Some of the blends we have created are raspberry green veggie and orange carrot. We can include functional ingredient fortification such as minerals, vitamins, and nutrients like VitaCholine®. Flavor impact is a big deal. So, we offer strong flavor impact at various liquid strengths. Balchem’s expertise in juice formulation provides a game-changing amount of flexibility within the juice aisle.

Not only can we customize the flavors, we also provide a variety of price points. This means that our juices can be created based around your budget. We provide juice content options from 0-100% and even offer a 100% fortified juice program for school lunches!

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