Completely Clean Label

Posted: August 10, 2020

Having a clean-label product can make or break for some consumers when it comes to the purchase decision. These products are typically considered simpler and more wholesome than products without a clean label. These labels also can allow for claims such as gluten-free, aluminum-free, and more.

These Solutions from Balchem® are designed to help you build your clean-label platform. Consumers want baked goods that are delicious, nutritious, and long-lasting without chemical preservatives. They want a Clean Label. This industry challenge is answered by BakeShure® CLS270. The ingredient statement for BakeShure® CLS270 is Cultured corn syrup solids, Citric Acid, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil. Yes, that is really it!

Our BakeShure ® CLS270 supports loaf volume while inhibiting mold growth. This powerful system is a must-have for bakery applications wanting a label that is clean. Consumers perceive clean labels typically as healthier or more trustworthy. So, products with these labels are likely to be found in their cart over labels filled with question marks for the consumer.

Lists Of Unacceptable Ingredients

Retail leaders have compiled lists of unacceptable ingredients. This is to meet consumer expectations when it comes to the labels on the products they sell. These leaders in the retail space aim to increase their brand loyalty by eliminating ingredients. Specifically, these retail leaders remove chemical preservatives from their shelves. Our BakeShure® CLS270 is specially designed to replace chemical preservatives. Examples of these preservatives could be chemicals such as calcium propionate and sorbic acid. So, while these chemicals will be missing from your label, the functionality of your product will not suffer.

This clean-label initiative is not going away any time soon. Products with “No Additives and No Chemical Preservatives” claims continue to appear in a leading position for bakery goods. This makes finding a Clean Label Solution imperative. Balchem is here to help you do just that without sacrificing your delicious product. We aim to find the best solution for you that will continue to meet your shelf life and manufacturing needs.  

Considering one of these labels for your product using BakeShure® CLS270 demonstrates the importance you place on health. Health-conscious consumers are more likely to appreciate the product when they know that the label is clean. This provides them with a delicious product and peace of mind.

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