Comfort Food Creations

Posted: December 5, 2020

It’s no secret that we all are reaching for comfort these days. Sometimes, that comfort is a slice of pizza, a pint of ice cream, or the quarantine-favorite, banana bread!

Peace-Inducing Pizza

A Freezer-to-Oven Pizza allows for a peaceful dinnertime process. It is as easy as can be to pop a pizza in the oven! With our perfectly formulated pizza dough ingredients, we provide an ideal crust. Pizza is a savory experience and the dough is often the star of the show. Formulating your FTO crust with us will ensure that yours is the customer’s favorite every single time.

Cozy Ice Cream

Ice cream is made for cozy nights at home, that’s why we spend time ensuring that our ice cream

ingredients are the best. During COVID, ice cream trends shifted. We noticed the need for comfort, so we created nostalgia inducing flavors. One nostalgic flavor is our True North Fall 2021 Feature Flavor. It includes all the warmth of maple, brown sugar, and freshly baked pie.

Blissful Baked Goods

A result of quarantine that most people did not immediately expect is the sudden uptick in baking! Everyone started baking banana bread and other homemade baked goods. Creating baked goods that excite the consumer is important. However, comforting, nostalgic treats are just as loved right now. We specialize in creating ingredients to make desserts as close to “Granny’s Famous Recipe” as they can get!

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