Keeping Things Light & Airy on Chocolate Mousse Day!

Image of chocolate mousse
Posted: April 3, 2021

Light, airy and decadent – Happy Chocolate Mousse Day!

While mousse can be savory or sweet, today we celebrate the light, creamy and decadent chocolate mousse. In the 18th century, the French developed a technique to make mousse, which translates to “foam”. However, savory mousse came onto the scene first. Eventually, this method was used on chocolate and the famous chocolate mousse was born.

In modern days, chocolate mousse can be celebrated with a variety of chocolate flavors: dark, milk, bittersweet or white. Balchem is here to help you create the perfect airy, fluffy mousse with our QuIC Whip™ product line.

QuIC Whip™ is a lipid-based spray dried powder system. Our QuIC Whip™ line is used to develop firm whipped toppings and so much more. The line includes various products that can help create a creamy texture. This means that if you prefer a firm mousse, an airy mousse, or somewhere in between, we provide the perfect ingredients. Not in the mood for mousse?  QuIC Whip™ can also be used in firm whipped toppings and heavy filling for pies and cheesecake.


Interested in trying our QuIC Whip™ product line? Contact us to get started.

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