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Posted: October 21, 2020

Autumn would not be the same without apples. Whether it is apple picking, apple bobbing, or enjoying caramel apples…this sweet, crunchy fruit is a fall staple. Balchem has created many flavors over the years involving apples and offers other apple flavored applications as well. Apple flavors are must-try as consumers seek more creature comforts and nostalgic traditional flavors are trending.

Granny’s Apple Butter

This nostalgic flavor was created in 2018 as a Feature Flavor. It is a vanilla custard ice cream base with cinnamon sugar pie crust pieces mixed throughout. Then, it is filled with apple butter swirl. Apple butter, often made with brown sugar and cinnamon, is the epitome of a fall flavor. The apple offers a refreshing taste while the sugary ingredients added in make it the perfect complement to ice cream. Adding a bit of crunch into an otherwise smooth ice cream base is one way to create a standout texture. In Granny’s Apple Butter, the cinnamon sugar pie crust pieces enhance mouthfeel and provide an exciting texture for the consumer.

Cran-Apple Cobbler

This flavor is a buttermilk cake ice cream with chunks of apple strudel. There are ribbons of apple cranberry spice variegate. This sweet made-for-fall flavor is sure to get you ready for all the fall holidays. The unique cranberry variegate is a perfect mix of tart and sweet. It is reminiscent of the delicious cranberries enjoyed with turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, but it is even sweeter thanks to the buttermilk base! This flavor is like Granny’s Apple Butter because of the emphasis on nostalgia. This flavor is a reminder of quality time with family, cozy fall evenings, and Thanksgiving celebrations of years before.

Importance of Comforting Flavors

Our Granny’s Apple Butter and Cran-Apple Cobbler flavors are based around classic fall treats. For anyone who has ever enjoyed something apple flavored in the fall, this flavor will bring back memories. It could be apple pie, cinnamon apples, caramel apples or a family tradition of going apple picking. Apple flavors are commonly paired with cinnamon apples. To learn more about our cinnamon expertise, check out our blog on all things cinnamon spice.

Everyone has their own individual memory of apples in the fall. Nostalgia is a commonly shared feeling that has grown even deeper during COVID. Consumers are thinking back to different times when things were “normal” and wondering if it will ever return to what they fondly remember. During COVID, consumers have been leaning towards comfort foods and classic flavors. Granny’s Apple Butter is the ultimate comfort ice cream that could appeal to this desire for familiar, comforting ice cream flavors. Creating flavors that remind consumers of warm hugs, times with family, and homecooked meals is important to us, now more than ever.

If you are interested in learning more about our insights into current trends, check out our blog, Ice Cream Trends During COVID.

Apple Fruit Solid Packs

Having apple fruit show in your apple-related products can create higher visual appeal. Including fruit show allows the customer to get the true visual of the fruit included in the product. Creating a natural looking apple product creates a more natural feeling for the consumer. Piece identity is important when creating fruit solid packs. Our experts know how to create your ideal fruit show that incorporates just the right amount of piece identity.

Apple Cider

To create a smooth apple cider, consider our spray drying applications. We can use our advanced spray dry technology to create powdered beverage mixes as well. Apple cider is another fall classic and is an excellent application to add to your next fall beverage launch. If you are wanting to formulate a flavor other than apple cider, we can absolutely do that as well.

Caramel Apples

We can create a sweet caramel that could be used on apples. Our dessert sauce applications can be made with a variety of bases, viscosities, textures, and concentration levels. This allows for maximum customization whether you are looking for a caramel syrup or an entirely different flavor.

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