Adding Protein to Candy Bars

Posted: November 4, 2020

Balchem recently acquired Zumbro River Brands. This means that Balchem now offers Z-Crisps®! We are excited about the new opportunities to innovate within the protein crisp market.

Z-Crisp® Capabilities

Candy bars are often full of gooey caramel, crunchy filling, nougat, nuts, or all the above! Even though a candy bar isn’t a health food, it doesn’t mean you can’t add more protein with Z-Crisps®. These protein crisps have a variety of possible applications such as a topping for ice cream or yogurt, an inclusion within snack and candy bars, and many other applications. Also, the crispiness can enhance mouthfeel and provide an even more exciting texture for the consumer!

Protein-enriched Candy Bars

Z-Crisps® can be used to add dairy or plant-based protein to candy bars. Some of the protein types available are Whey, Pea, Cocoa Flavored Whey, Cocoa Flavored Pea as well as Pea & Brown Rice. Candy bar and other snack manufacturers can then choose their optimal product size, protein source, and protein flavor.

Nutritional inclusions are not going anywhere, and we look forward to continuing to innovate them. Consumers are not only look for plant-based protein. Instead, they focus on the quality and benefits they perceive that they get from protein. According to an article from IFT, 4 in 10 adults link protein to improved mental energy and brain nourishment. This data allows us to see the potential for Z-Crisps® in a variety of snacks and candies. These figures demonstrate that Balchem’s offering of protein crisps could not be more relevant!

Sour Candy Applications

Is chocolate candy not really your thing? We offer sour candy encapsulated ingredients from our ConfecShure® product line. The ConfecShure® line primarily contains acids such as malic, citric, and tartatic. Each of these three acids produces a different flavor, allowing for maximum customization for your sweet and sour treat. Malic acid produces a fruity, rounded, and persistent flavor. ConfecShure® citric acid encapsulates create a bright and refreshing flavor. In contrast, tartaric acid encapsulates produce a hard and dry sour flavor. ConfecShure® Sours also provide benefits that help in creating a consistent product.

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