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Posted: December 31, 2018

We wish all of our customers and business partners a safe and prosperous 2019! Thank you for checking out our final blog for 2018.

We have our vision set to 2020 and ice cream right now. That’s right. We said 2020. While everyone else is turning the page to 2019, we have leapfrogged to 2020 with our look at trends and flavors for 2020 Feature Flavors Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert launches.

With another year on the books, we are excited to soon announce a new and delicious line-up of frozen dessert concepts in our 2020 Feature Flavor Program! We’ve been studying the macro flavor trends and the global market trends, and working hard in our R&D labs to bring you a new line-up of frozen dessert concepts featuring our unique ingredients, including flavor basesvariegates, and low melt inclusions. We’ve strived for a balanced portfolio of family-friendly mainstream concepts we call Crowd PleasersTM, Premium PintablesTM , and specialty applications, such as High Protein and Vegan concepts.

Trends tend to gain momentum over several years’ time and evolve as they move forward. Many of the trends from the previous year have been gaining momentum and will continue to influence new market launches for this year. (See the history of Feature Flavors) However, there are new directions to report.

The trends we’re focusing on:

  1. Brightly Flavored Colors–The first area of market demand is Brightly Flavored Colors. We examined research from multiple food and beverage application launches from macro to micro trends this year to land on this market need. Since 2012, there has been a solid 6% CAGR increase in demand for all natural color us in ice cream and frozen dessert launches. While consumers aren’t asking for natural, they are seeking “free-from” artificial colors on the label. Our Ice Cream Applications lab has experience in translating natural colors and flavors to the high demand brightly flavored colors demanded for Kid-targeted party favorites and indulgent desserts alike.
  2. Storied Sourcing– In a recent survey commissioned by Trace One, 68 percent of consumers in the US said they are not provided with enough information about what is in their food and where it comes from. In fact, the vast majority (92 percent) of consumers reported that it is somewhat or very important to know where their food is coming from. Despite the overwhelming desire to know where their food comes from, more than one-fifth (21 percent) of consumers said they are not at all knowledgeable about where their food comes from. This shows an obvious gap in information consumers want to learn from manufacturers and retailers.Interestingly, Trace One’s survey found that one-third of US consumers (33 percent) said they would be willing to pay more for food with more allergen and ingredient information. What does this tell food retailers and manufacturers? Transparency matters, and many consumers are willing to pay for it. Sharing information with the consumer will only become more important, both to appeal to diverse diets and dietary restrictions and also to protect the reputation of the food industry over the long term.
  3. Better For You Indulgence– Consumers are more conscious than ever about making healthier choices. Mintel’s trend of the year was Mindful Indulgence in 2018. We see that carrying through in all applications and growing even more moving forward to 2020 with Better for You Indulgence.Protein adds a level of permissibility and opens ice cream eating to more occasions, such as post workout and snacks, not just dessert. According to Innova 40% of consumers seek out protein when purchasing a snack. reports that Ranging from 5g to 20g per serving, protein enriched ice creams and frozen desserts are dominating NPD’s in pint-size packaging for single servings without guilt.
  4. Textured Tastes Textured variegates add dimension and texture without the addition of inclusions and can help formulate without adding another SKU. Textured variegates take you past traditional textures to help stand out on the crowded retail freezer shelf. Both Mintel and Trendhunter have called out the increase in textured tastes in the past year. This trend is posed to continue and expand. According to the July 12, 2018 MINTEL Blog, “The “perfect ice cream” has to play with texture and carry that unexpected “wow” factor.” Implications – Though new flavors have always been a focus for ice cream brands, what’s becoming more prominent is experimenting with texture. This shift indicates a need for companies that mass-produce items to better cater to the experimental foodie culture.
  5. Dairy Alternatives–Alternative diets like veganism are becoming more commonplace as more consumers give them a try to see if they help them with leading a healthier lifestyle. Plant based product claims had increased by 62 percent globally from 2013 to 2017 according to Innova market Insights data. Over just the past two years US consumers have increased their plant based milk and yogurt consumption. And from 2013-2018 the New product development compounded annual growth rate is projected to increase 31.7%All of these numbers add up to a market you can’t ignore. We are taking more than 200 years of application experience and applying that to new alternative plant-based frozen treats as well.
  6. Next to Nature—It’s not just the feel of a cleaner label, it’s the flavor of nature tied to it. Plant-based innovation continues to flourish.  Growing consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics, are making plant-derived ingredients and products more popular. ~CAGR Growth for Selected Plant-based ingredients (Global, 2013-2017)Free From claims have increased 16% over the past five years in food and beverage launches. ~Innova Market Insights, 2018. Consumer concerns around sugar content and artificial additives, as well as a desire for something different from the norm, drives innovations towards healthier choices that deliver excitement.” 

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