Encapsulated Tannins

Tannin 50 is a spray-chilled, tannin-rich product derived from chestnut wood, encapsulated for a consistent release of the active ingredient all along the gastro-intestinal tract and avoiding the anti-nutritional effects of non-protected tannin products. Due to their natural, intrinsic astringency properties, tannins are beneficial in improving manure consistency and overall barn environment.

Key Advantages of Encapsulated Tannins

Anti-bacterial activity

Tannins form strong compounds with proteins and other macro-molecules creating a layer protecting animal cells.

Stabilize gastro-intestinal and feed pH

Thanks to their acid pH, tannins can acidify intestinal content thus supporting a healthy microbiome.

Astringency Action

Tannins can reduce intestinal peristalsis allowing for a better absorption of nutrients and liquids.

Feed regulations vary by country. Please contact Balchem customer service for product availability.