Encapsulated Tannins

Tannin 50 is a spray-chilled, tannin-rich product derived from chestnut wood. This product is encapsulated for a more consistent release of the active ingredient all along the gastrointestinal tract while avoiding the anti-nutritional effects of non-protected tannin products. Due to their natural, intrinsic astringency properties, tannins are beneficial in improving manure consistency and overall barn environment.

Key Advantages of Encapsulated Tannins

Anti-bacterial activity

Tannins form strong compounds with proteins and other macromolecules create a layer protecting animal cells and inhibiting bacterial infections.

Stabilize gastro-intestinal and feed pH

Thanks to their acid pH, tannins can acidify intestinal content thus improving microbial selection in the digestive tract.

Astringency Action

Tannins can reduce intestinal peristalsis allowing for a better absorption of nutrients and liquids, which as a result can decrease diarrhea.

Eco-friendly alternative to antibiotics

Prebiotics are an eco-friendly alternative to antibiotics as they enhance efficiency as well as animal performance.