Taste and Feel What's Possible


PharmaSmooth™ is a patent pending, proprietary, smooth dissolve excipient.  It delivers a unique "Signature" mouthfeel to any chewable tablet, sachet or stick pack delivery system.  This second generation multi-functional direct compression excipient provides excellent flow, compaction and disintegration properties.  These features minimize compression and friability.  This granulation of compendia excipients is produced under cGMP conditions and provides robust consistent performance, all the time.

PharmaSmooth™ will differentiate your brand with a unique "Signature" mouthfeel that can't be matched.  In addition, PharmaSmooth™ often delivers a "Smaller Tablet".  When compared to traditional formulation approaches these advantages will result in early quick market penetration plus continued growth thereafter.  Formulation costs will also be minimized as the number and quantity of traditional excipients will be reduced. 

Exclusive licenses are available providing the opportunity to protect the integrity of your brand into the future.