PharmaShure® and PharmaRelease™


PharmaShure® is a proprietary portfolio of microencapsulated pharmaceutical actives in powder form.  It is designed for medicines that require taste-masking or precise release to improve patient compliance.  These products are specifically developed for the emerging quick release markets, serviced by stick-pack, capsule and sachet novel dosage forms, where compaction is not required.

Suitable for most soluble actives, PharmaShure® is ideal for development projects across many therapeutic fields.  Unique, is the technology's ability to completely mask throat burn and unpleasant flavors without altering the release profile of the pharmaceutical active.  High loading also makes it ideal for immediate release medicines.  Sustained release versions have also been developed and validated through clinical trial.

Balchem brings together coating chemistry, material science and a cGMP manufacturing capability to accelerate NDA, ANDA or OTC product development.  Balchem's current portfolio includes most key OTC medications including Ibuprofen, Guaifenesin, and APAP plus a commercialized Sustained Release Caffeine product

When formulated into a traditional tablet dosage form, these microencapsulated actives can achieve a Novel Fast Slow Sustained Release profile matching many commercial products normally delivered via expensive bi-layer tablet technology.  The brand name for this platform is PharmaRelease™.

Both technologies are available for license on a drug by drug basis.  Balchem is also interested in product development and will seek marketing partners for the appropriate opportunities.