Meatshure® is a line of encapsulated ingredients that include acidulants, antioxidants and salts.


Our Meatshure® product line offers processed meat producers a dramatic edge in production efficiencies and in product quality. By encapsulating acidulants, for example, Meatshure has produced an amazing 30% to 40% gain in sausage production efficiency. Encapsulation now allows the acidulants to be time released, achieving the same effects in a short period of time that previously required a lengthy fermentation process.

Through our Meatshure product line, Balchem has tackled numerous issues in the meat processing industry. Our precision released acidulants, antioxidants and salts are delivering consistent acid levels, accelerated production speeds, reduced microbial growth and more to a broad range of processed meat manufacturers. We offer both off-the-shelf and highly customized ingredient solutions for:

  • Consistent pH Levels
  • Microbial Safety
  • Shelf Life Improvements