Food, Pharma & Human Nutrition


The Food, Pharma & Human Nutrition division of Balchem Encapsulates is one of the world's leading providers of microencapsulated ingredient solutions and the essential nutrient choline.  Broadly applied across a spectrum of food, nutritional and pharmaceutical markets, our proprietary portfolio brings solutions that differentiate products for commercial bakers, confectioners, flavor specialists, meat processors, nutraceutical, functional food, drug manufacturers and beyond. 

Explore how Balchem can differentiate your franchise by enhancing taste, shelf-life, quality or health benefit. The value proposition will always be in your favor!  And if speed to market is of the utmost importance, then take advantage of the Balchem integrated approach, that couples regulatory expertise, applications savvy and innovative R&D into your "drop-in" solution.

Through microencapsulation, we develop key protective coatings that "Control, Protect and Deliver".  VitaCholine® adds Cognition, Cardiovascular and Liver health benefits plus Athletic Vigor.  And through material science we deliver a "Signature" mouthfeel to nutritional products. 

Balchem Encapsulates, bringing cutting edge innovations to the Food, Pharma and Nutrition markets.


Food Pharma Human Nutrition
Bakeshure® PharmaSmooth™ VitaCholine®
Confecshure® PharmaShure® VitaShure®
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