Simple Sodium Reduction with C-Salt®


Added salt in processed foods represents a major source of dietary sodium for consumers.  Simple removal of salt from a food formulation can compromise flavor and acceptability.  Partial replacement of salt with ingredients such as potassium chloride, yeast extracts, and complex blends of flavors is often unsuccessful, after considerable trial-and-error.

Balchem offers C-Salt®, a new ‘drop-in’ solution for sodium reduction

  • A novel choline chloride-based salt replacer
  • Molecular synergy with sodium chloride, for taste enhancement
  • GRAS components
  • Available coated for excellent flow characteristics, or uncoated for instant solubility
  • Usable in a broad range of applications, including sweet goods and products with mild flavor profiles

C-Salt® is an easy-to-use ingredient

  • Active ingredient is thermostable in high temperature operations like baking, extrusion, retort and UHT processing
  • Gluten development is not comprised during dough mixing for bakery products
  • Key product attributes, such as meat bind, are not affected by sodium reduction with C-Salt® at typical usage levels

C-Salt® replaces 25-50% of the added salt in food formulations, with strong sensory appeal

  • Improve salt flavor impact in reduced sodium formulations
  • Achieve sodium reduction that can be claimed on a label
  • Enhance certain savory flavor characteristics
  • C-Salt® is preferred over savory ingredients in preference testing of salt-enhanced snack products